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Lilies: Popular Tattoo Choice With Traditional Ties

Lily tattoos are very popular, with the only tough part deciding what type of lily you want to ink on. There are all kinds of lilies but they’re similar to one another….except for the Water Lily. And, many kinds of flowers are commonly referred to as lilies.

Traditional Lilies: This is a long-stemmed garden flower with curled back petals from a horn-shaped face. This kind of lily is linked with Christian tradition. According to the legend, it one grew from Eve’s tears after she left the Garden of Eden. The angel Gabriel, in artwork, is often seen among lilies or holding one in his visit to Mary and telling her that she’d give birth to Jesus. It’s also utilized in artwork to depict any virgin saints. For that reason, this flower is linked to chastity and purity and paired with a sword. These two symbols represent Last Judgment and divides the innocent and guilty.

Easter Lilies: The Easter lily is the most common type to be linked with Christianity. It’s got white petals and tends to come to life after a spring rain; a symbolic connection to the resurrection story. Jesus also used a lily to show God’s love for people.

Additional Symbolisms: More symbolism exists around the world. According to Greek mythology, the flower came from the goddess Hera’s milk, which dropped to Earth and is said to have made the Milky Way. For Aboriginal Australia, it is a symbol for perseverance and courage. And, in the countries of Japan and China, the lily is to disperse grief. Women will also wear lilies to assist them in forgetting the pain of losing someone.

Tiger Lily Tattoos: This type is similar to other lily tattoos but its petals are reddish-orange. This flower is rather unique symbolism; not just a cool sounding name. In fact, Tiger Lily Tattoos became quite popular during 1966 after Woody Allen released his first film called, “What’s Up Tiger Lily?”

FLEUR-DE-LIS Lily: This French variety is a three-pedaled flower that’s banded at the base. This symbol’s origin is still not clear. However, the French monarchy adopted it for a symbol in 1147. This lily became a symbol for French kings like Louis VI. It’s also got symbolic connections to Holy Trinity and Joan of Arc with ties to New Orleans (LA), St. Louis (MO) and Florence. It can also be seen with the Boy Scouts of America.

Water Lily Tattoo: This is different from others in the way it looks. Actually, it’s similar to the Lotus flower, which grows on pads that lie on the top of the water surface. Besides being Bangladesh’s national flower, there are several stories and myths that exist for the spiky plant.

For ancient Egypt, legend tells that Seth murdered Osiris but was brought back to life by Isis, a goddess, by changing him into a water lily…according to one legend. For that reason, it’s a symbolism for death and rebirth.

In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, there is a spell for the “Transformation into the Water Lily”. And, the water lily color can changes with its symbolic meaning. A white lily is considered to be a flower of chastity and is a representation of suppressing desires and purity. The Iroquois utilized the yellow pond lily to abolished malevolent spirits.

Lily Tattoo Image Ideas

 yellow and pink lily pink lily   tribal lily tat white tribal lily tattoo single stem lily purple lilies single purple lily tatto single color lilys  4 color white lily lily with leaves  white lily with purple budspink lilie white lily tato white lilly tattoosingle color white lilly tatoo single color white lily tattoo

Lily Tattoo Pictures

Girls with Lily Tattoo on Side

girl with lily tattoo on her side girl with pink lily tattoo on her sidegirl with red lily tattoo on her side
Girls with Lily Tattoo on Back

girl with pink lilly tattoo on full back girl with lily tattoo on full back girl with water lilly tattoo on full back

Lily Tattoo on Foot

girl with red lilly tattoo on foot girl with pink lilly tattoo on foot girl with pink lilly tattoo on her foot

Tat on Shoulder

girl with pink lilly tattoo on shoulder girl with lilly tattoo on her shouldergirl with pink lilly tattoo on shoulder

Lower Back Lily Tattoos

girl with pink lilly tattoos on lower back girl with pink tribal lilly tattoo on her lower backaaa 

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